Shoppers are raving about 69p clip-on Home Bargains hand sanitiser – and it’s the perfect thing for going back to school – The Sun

WITH September just around the corner, parents are gearing up to send their little ones back to school, with many children set to return to the classroom for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic began.

And with parents keen to keep their kids safe at all costs, shoppers are keen to get their hands on any child-friendly hygiene products.

So when one mum spotted a selection of hand sanitisers with handy clips in Home Bargains for just 69p, she couldn't wait to share her discovery with others.

Taking to the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, she wrote: "Found these bargains in Home Bargains for only 69p.

"Great for attaching to bags 😃."

With kids returning to school in a matter of days, other parents were quick to comment on the post.

"Brilliant for kids school bags," one person wrote.

Another agreed: "I just got one for my son to clip on his bag."

A third said: "They are great I got a couple the other day."

The handy bottles are filled with hand gel which is 70% alcohol, which is the minimum recommended percentage for zapping germs on the go.

However, not everyone is a big fan of the scent.

"I just got one for my son to clip on his bag."

One person wrote: "They are good handy bottles but the sanitiser itself stinks vile."

Another said: "It doesn't matter what the contents are . The bottle itself is worth the money, then you can just refill with your own wash."

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