Scorned woman giving away ex’s £150 suit – before she sets it on fire and posts it through his lover’s letterbox

A SCORNED woman is desperate to get rid of her cheating ex's £150 suit – before she sets fire to it and sticks it through his new lover's letterbox.

It seems the bloke left behind the four-piece navy ensemble at her home – so the woman listed it on a Facebook selling site along with a crisp white shirt.

The woman told potential buyers it cost £150 and that it was only worn twice, as she shared snaps of the stylish suit hanging in her wardrobe.

She wrote: "Cost 150 quid worn twice. Its free to whoever wants it before I set it on fire and post it thru my cheating partners new birds door.”

She also said the large size suit was ready to be collected from her home – in an attempt to finally clear out the last of her ex's things.

One person joked: “Is there any fishing gear your thinking of setting on fire. Asking for a friend.”

Another wrote: “Jobsite. Some person could land a job because of you.”

And a third added: “His loss.”

While it's unknown if anyone was interesting in bagging the free suit, it seems her post left many in stitches.

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