Savvy gran shares genius bin bag tip to keep them in place – and people reckon it's 'life changing'

THERE'S nothing worse than your kitchen bin bag moving around which often leaves rubbish and leftovers smeared throughout.

But a savvy gran has a genius tip to keep the liners in place, and people reckon it's life changing.

The grandma of eight and mum of four known as Babs has taken to TikTok to share her "wisdom" and has racked up a following of 934,000 doing so.

Speaking in the video she said: “Hi it’s Babs, has this ever happened to you?

"You open your garbage to throw something away and the bag's collapsed. We're going to solve that problem."

Armed with two command hooks, Babs attaches one on either side of the bin, but upside down so that the hook is facing down.


"Then place the bag and hook it right on there," she said. "Problem solved."

The video has seen being viewed almost 640,000 times and people are blown away but the simple solution.

"Omg why didn't I ever think of that," one person wrote.

While a second added: "Omg this changed my life, thank you."

And a third added: "Definitely going to try this."

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