Sagittarius weekly horoscope: What your star sign has in store for November 7 – November 13


NOV 23 – DEC 21

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This is your moment to look again — and seriously this time — into a line of work you know you would love.

A “T” video, however short, can be your inspiration. But all the true steel to succeed is already there inside you.

If you’re in love, get ready for a week of up-close honesty and nerve-tingling truth. Single? The One is two places away from you in a payment line.

DESTINY DAYS: You can rise up again on Tuesday, this time nothing can stop you.

Avoid excuses on Thursday – especially in a family. A newly opened food outlet is your Saturday luck location.

LUCKY LINKS: An initial in diamonds. A message with a travel emoji. Scarlet stripes.

I CHING INSIGHT: Turning respect and patience you give to others inwards, and nurturing your own heart and mind first — this is the message of SEEKING NOURISHMENT.

Because lately, you may have started to rely too strongly on other people’s opinions and influences, instead of trusting yourself.

An internal switch from self-criticism to self-belief, that you can slowly build up, is your key to success in life, and love.

So start today to value yourself, your ideas, beliefs and abilities. Soon the world will follow your lead.

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