Princess Dianas replacement engagement ring worth £75,000

Meghan Markle 'removed the Disney princess fantasy' says Devon

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Princess Diana was rarely pictured without her sapphire and diamond engagement ring during her marriage to Prince Charles. The Princess was even pictured wearing it after she got divorced in 1996. But in the last year of her life, Diana was also pictured wearing a large aquamarine sparkler on her ring finger.

Asprey was commissioned by Princess Diana to create the baby blue piece set on yellow gold.

The stone was thought to have been sourced from Brazil and gifted to the Princess by her friend, Lucia Flecha de Lima.

According to a jewellery expert, the aquamarine ring acted almost as a “replacement” engagement ring following Diana’s devastating divorce.

Claire Beatson, General Manager of lab-grown engagement ring brand Nightingale, said Princess Diana’s emerald-cut aquamarine ring with extra diamonds “is very impressive and high in value”.

She added: “Diana famously wore this ring after her divorce from Charles to act as a replacement for the 12-carat sapphire cluster ring.”

According to Ms Beatson, the ring’s “current estimated value is about £75,000.”

On occasion, Diana was pictured wearing her aquamarine ring with a matching pearl bracelet.

The five-strand bracelet was given to the Princess after her marriage to Prince Charles, and she continued to wear it throughout the 1980s.

When Princess Diana died in 1997, her jewellery was divided between her sons Prince William and Prince Harry.

Over the last decade, several of Diana’s most precious jewels have been worn by Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.

Diana’s beloved aquamarine ring made a poignant reappearance in 2018 at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Meghan wore it as part of her wedding reception outfit, and royal fans spotted it as she waved to the crowds from the car.

The Duchess of Sussex also wore the piece for an evening event in Tonga while on a royal tour later that year.

The famous sapphire engagement ring Diana wore for nearly two decades now belongs to her other daughter-in-law Kate.

Kate first debuted the 12-carat oval sapphire ring, which is surrounded by a halo of diamonds, at her engagement photocall in 2010.

The Duchess of Cambridge rarely takes the ring off, and it sits alongside her Welsh gold wedding band and diamond eternity ring.

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Meghan Markle’s engagement ring also pays tribute to Diana.

The ring is adorned with two diamonds from her late mother-in-law’s jewellery collection.

Harry helped to design the ring himself, and the trilogy design includes a central diamond sourced from Botswana, where the couple holidayed while they were dating.

Meghan also wears a Welsh gold wedding ring, and she was pictured wearing a diamond eternity ring after the birth of her first child Archie in 2019.

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