Pregnant mum-of-eight shows off huge food shop as she preps for baby number 9 with 304 cereal bars & 45 bottles of juice

THINK your family’s weekly food shop was time-consuming? Spare a thought for Jamerrill Stewart has to shop for her family of eight kids.

The mum-to-be, from the US, who’s expecting her ninth child, filmed her budget grocery trip as she stocked up on breakfast items, quick lunches and snacks. 

Jamerrill explained the shop would be her last one before her new baby arrived, so she wanted to stock up to keep her youngsters well-fed. 

Speaking to her 278,000 YouTube subscribers, she said: “Well my friends, I think this is my last grocery haul before I have the baby.”

Jamerrill explained how she headed to her favourite discount store Sharp Shopper, before heading to Aldi – all while 38 weeks pregnant. 

Showing off her dining room table laden with all the food and drinks, she said: “Got lots of goodies.

“I go to Sharp Shopper and take $100-$200 of my grocery and go in there once every four to six weeks and see deals I can pick up.”

Jamerrill picked up 80 bags of snack-size cookies for $2 in total, and joked they would be “already gone” before too long.

She also bought eight huge bottles of Naked juices for $1.99, and said two of the bottles would be enough for her family to have a cup for breakfast for a few days. 

This was on top of eight large apple juices, and 45 bottles of Tropicana, which are $3.75 per 15 bottles. 

Next she showed off her huge supply of cereal bars, and she stocked up on two big boxes of Nutri Grain bars, which each had 96 bars in. 

The third box was of 96 Quaker Oats bars, and said: “I know these will be gone quick too.”

Other snacks included roasted peanuts for $4.99 for a pack of 36, and she bought two big bags. 

And she also picked up a whole case of strawberries consisting of nine boxes. 

Jamerrill said: “We’ve always used three of them since I got home last evening. So you know what we said ‘already gone’”.

The total spend at Sharp Shopper was $195.60 (£141.17) and in Aldi was $196.07 (£141.64), totalling $391.67 (£282.81).

In December, Jamerrill prepared 40 huge freezer meals for her family before her new baby arrives.

In an 80 minute YouTube video, Jamerrill started by cracking a whopping 132 eggs into an enormous metal bowl to bulk-freeze some scrambles eggs.

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