Pregnant mum-of-8 shows off £900 food haul to feed her family for a month & reveals she's serving frozen lasagne on Xmas

A PREGNANT mum-of-eight has showed off the massive food shop she buys to feed her family for a month – including lasagne for Christmas. 

Jamerrill Stewart, from the US, regularly shares her meal prep and bulk freezer recipes online – as well as her monster shopping trips. 

She heads out once a month to get supplies for her family – which is ten mouths to feed – but admitted this month she’s ‘on strike’. 

Rather than a slap-up Christmas meal, Jamerrill says she’s planning on cooking some frozen lasagne, as well some garlic bread, for December 25. 

Speaking in her latest haul video on YouTube, she said: “This is my Christmas plan, just going to do some lasagnes and open a bag of salad. 

“And got some garlic bread, already buttered.” 

She admitted she’s “mostly on strike in December,” as she shared her incredible £932 ($1,244) food haul containing a load of ready meals. 

Jamerrill said: “We’re a family of 10 about to be 11, with nine still at home, working from home full time, and school from home full time. So that breaks it down to about £35 per person per week.

“So you see that big number then you drill it down it’s not too bad. Also I will, as we need it, get more fruits and veggies. 

“That might come up about the three week mark.” 

Included in her grocery haul is 80 juice boxes 144 bagel bites, 60 eggs, and at least 144 Taco shells. 

The mum admitted her kids love yoghurt too, saying: “I got some kiddos who love yoghurt. They’re already gone.”

She showed three boxes of key lime yoghurt – 36 in total – and one box had already been taken by the time she filmed her haul, as well as another 48 tubs. 

Jamerrill also bought hundreds of canapes, picking up 100 mini hotdog rolls, 50 egg rolls, and two pounds of battered shrimp, which she called ‘mama’s sanity’. 

Knowing exactly what her kids like, Jammerrill bought a box of 24 instant noodles, which she called ‘emergency teenager ramen’. 

She said: “What that means for nine or 12, or however many people there are in my house on a given day, for four weeks everybody might end up getting two or three cups of noodles. 

“Not one single person has eaten all 24 on their own.”

While she grabbed a microwave curry as “a gift to myself”. 

She also picked up four blocks of butter and 48 pints of milk, saying: “We typically go through a gallon a day so that’s not enough or the next four weeks.”

Next up was meat, as Jamerrill talked people through her list, showing off the 12 pounds of meatballs, four packs of ham, nine packs of chicken breast, eight packs of bacon and five packs of ham.

She also got eight pounds of grapes and six pounds of pears, but admitted she’ll need to buy more. 

“We’re not bare on fruits and vegetables, but we need more to mix in. In a few weeks, I’ll get some more,” she added. 

Breakfasts were covered, as Jamerrill stocked up on 18 packets of Kellogs cereal boxes, seven boxes of Quaker’s ‘baked flats’, 96 pop tarts, 120 cereal bars and 25lbs of oats.

She pointed to four giant bags of cereal, saying: “Again, a whole lot of people eating cereal.

“This might be, cereal four times. 

“Even though you see four big bags, this is just mama’s sanity.”

She also planned to make a breakfast tater tot casserole, and she showed off the eight bottles of smoothies she bagged.

 “We won’t buy Naked juice any other time, but we’ll buy it while Sharp Shopper has these deals,” she confirmed. 

And finally, she bought a bag of 48 freezer pancakes, and she shockingly said: “We’re all out of freezer pancakes and freezer waffles.”

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