People call me a cougar & say my boyfriend looks young enough to be my son – but he's more mature than men tonnes older | The Sun

A WOMAN has hit back at trolls who said her boyfriend looks "young enough to be her son".

Stephanie is in a happy relationship with Harley, who is five years her junior.

She recently posted a video of him plaiting her hair when she said she felt sick, and on that someone commented: "Looks young enough to be your son!!!"

Stephanie hit back in another video on TikTok, as she said: "I'm 36 years old honey.

"And unless I was five years old when I fell pregnant with him, which I very much doubt, I genuinely don't think… I don't know what the problem is.

"Is it cos he plaits my hair? Is it cos he treats me good? I don't know. Bit of the green-eyed monster I think.

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"If you want to call me a cougar then you're quite welcome to do that because guess what, I really couldn't care…"

Stephanie went on to insist that Harley is more mature than men twice his age.

"I've dated men that are 10 years older than me and do you know what?" she continued.

"They're not half as mature as he is.

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"So I think the problem lies with you, not me, or him, or the situation.

"I think the problem lies with you."

People were quick to comment on the video, with one writing: "It's because they are jealous, so happy for you Steph!!"

"So what how old he is, as long as your happy and he treats you right that's all that matters," another added.

"Steph I have people say this to me as my fella is 14 years younger enjoy your life you're happy," a third commented.

"there's 6 years between me and my hubby, it's not that big of an age difference," someone else wrote.

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