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AN image of three bikini-clad women in a rubber ring has left the internet baffled – but can you figure out what’s going on with their legs?

The mind bending optical illusions shows the women in an inflatable pool toy in the shape of a bull.

However, the young woman in the middle looks extremely short compared to her pals, with her legs unable to touch the ground.

The image has been mystifying web users for some time, but has recently done the rounds once more after it was shared by TikTok user @turbopopo.

They captioned it “At first I thought she was really short!”

The photo soon racked up dozens of views and comments as users struggled to put their finger on why it didn’t quite look right.

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“Man enough to admit I had to REALLY figure this one out,” one user commented.

Another said: “It took my brain too long to figure out what was going on.”

One said: “It still doesn’t make sense to me!”

“I literally watched this five times before I understood what was going on. Lol,” a fourth added.

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Eventually one TikTok sleuth revealed all – writing: “Last girl is on the back of the ‘short girl.”

Although confusing at first, the woman with her arm in the air is the owner of the “short” legs.

And the woman in the middle is giving her a piggyback.

Meanwhile, the woman in the middle owns the legs at the back.

A woman named Tiara Cox, who claimed to be the woman in the middle of the snap, later said it was “funny” to see how the illusion was baffling a new generation of social media users.

“Hahaha when you see yourself in a TikTok from a Reddit post three years ago. I’m the ‘short’ girl in the middle,” she commented on the post.

It comes after another mind-bending optical illusion left users in a twist regarding whose legs were whose.

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