My wife wants to name our daughter a star sign in honour of her mum – the baby won’t even BE that sign, it’s ridiculous

PARENTS often take inspiration from their families for baby names.

But one woman's idea to name her child in honour of her mum has not gone down well with her husband.

Taking anonymously to Reddit, her husband said his wife was due to give birth soon and had told him she had settled on a name for their baby daughter.

He explained: "We've been talking about baby names for a long while and we both have a list with our top five.

"We haven't decided yet and my wife came to me last night with a huge smile on her face, talking about 'finding the right name'.

"I asked to hear it and she said she wants to name our daughter Aquarius.


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"Which… was weird… I looked it up and if our daughter is on time she'll be a Taurus or if she's a few days late, a Gemini.

"Regardless I think Zodiac names are just really not my thing but to name our daughter after a one she isn't even is?"

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She told her husband it was in honour of her mum, who he added, was alive and well.

He vetoed the name altogether, saying even as a middle name, Aquarius 'seemed too far out of reach.'

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The dad said despite the fact she had vetoed some of his suggestions, she was now not talking to him and had got her mother involved.

He added: "To make matters worse, MIL called me and asked to clear the air.

"I asked wtf she was talking about, and basically my wife told her about what happened but made it sound as if I had an issue with MIL."

The dad asked users whether he was wrong for refusing to call his daughter Aquarius, and many agreed with him.

One wrote: "Your daughter's name should reflect what you both want for her. If she wants to change her own name to Aquarius Zaphod Beeblebrox when she's older, by all means, support her."

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"Wife is not being reasonable right now. MIL shouldn't have been dragged into it either, as it's not her decision." Another added.

A third commented: "Please don't name that baby Aquarius. I wouldn't even use that as a middle name. I get that she wants to honor her mother, but your daughter is the one who would have to live with that name forever."

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