My parents made a big mistake with my middle name – no one ever spells it right & it make me sound like a boy

IT can take a long time to settle on the perfect name for your baby.

And the stress about choosing a fitting moniker for your child continues when you realise you also have to pick a middle name as well.

One woman took to TikTok to bemoan the middle name she was given by her parents, admitting people always spell it wrong and some even think she's a boy.

Nicole shared a video in which she wrote: "My parents had nine months to spell my middle name ‘Danielle’ correctly and they still spelt it…"

After a lengthy pause, she admitted her parents had opted for the spelling Daniel – hence the confusion about whether she was male or female.

"I’ll never let this one go," she captioned her clip on the social media site.

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"My best friends name is Danielle and they spelt it Danille," one person commented.


"Omg i feel ur pain Danielle is my first name n my parents spelled it wrong too," another added.

While a third wrote: "My name is pronounced Michelle but they spell it Michel and people always get confused thinking I am a guy."

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And someone with the same name weighed in: "I constantly get emails to Daniel.

"My name is in the email address!!!!!!!!"

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While someone else wrote: "my husbands middle name is danniel instead of daniel."

And one of Nicole's classmates added: "Omg I’ll never forget when we got in trouble in class for laughing over this."

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