My nightmare neighbours moan every time I run a bath- they're making life hell & people keep telling me the same thing | The Sun

IN an ideal world, we'd all be best mates with our neighbours and rely on them to take in our parcels, water our plants and look after our pets at the drop of hat.

But in our experience, you're lucky if you get a shy nod whenever you pass them in the street.

That said, we'd take that kind of awkwardness over this woman's nightmare relationship with her neighbours ANY day.

Sharing her dilemma on Reddit, the anonymous poster explained how she's recently contracted Covid and baths are the only thing that are soothing her sore throat.

She wrote: "I don’t take baths often but for the past few days I have.

"I tested positive for Covid and my throat is absolutely killing me and taking a bath with eucalyptus salts have been helping."

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However the moment the woman starts running the tap, she claims her neighbours start furiously banging on their walls to get her to turn it off.

Explaining how it's making life hell, she added: " Whenever I take a bath they bang on the wall as a signal for me to get out.

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Not exactly the relaxing time in the tub she was hoping for, right?

Fast forward to yesterday when the woman wanted to have a soak first thing in the morning – but was terrified of the wrath of her neighbours.

She added: "It’s 7am. I haven’t slept all night from the pain in my throat and I want to take a bath but I’m going back and forth between just suffering a few more hours until it’s not so early."

Asking what she should do, she wrote: "Should I bang back? Or knock on their door and guilt trip / scare them with my Covid?"

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Unsurprisingly, the majority of members urged the woman to stick up for herself and give her neighbours a taste of their own medicine.

One wrote: "Bang back. Call the landlord, explain the situation, and inform them that you expect this to stop immediately.

"They need to pass that on to your neighbours ASAP and confirm with you once they've relayed the message."

Another added: "Please tell your landlord.

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"You have a right to take a bath and your neighbours are being SO inappropriate. Record the sound regardless and get some opinions."

Meanwhile, a third said: "7am is not an unreasonable time to take a bath or shower. Neither is 11pm. Ignore them."

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