My mom’s 60 but looks younger than me – people can’t believe her age and ‘need to know her skincare regime ASAP’ | The Sun

A 60-YEAR-OLD mother has turned back time by appearing to look younger than her own daughter.

People online can't believe how great she looks for her age and wants to know her anti-aging skincare regimen.

Digital creator Kyla Edwards shared a cute video of her mother that has been making waves online.

It's not because of the family moment or "happy birthday" message, but rather it has to do with her mother's beauty.

In a TikTok video, Edwards' attractive mom stole the hearts of many viewers with her long blonde hair and youthful appearance.

The subtitle over the visual read: "My mom is 60 years old and looks younger than me."

Throughout the course of the video, the attention was fully on the content creator's mom because a birthday celebration was taking place.

There was a dessert display on a white plate on the table in front of her with fireworks coming out of it.

The beautiful woman smiled at the camera and at her companion as she looked at the display in appreciation.

The moment also had a little bit of sass because Edwards' mother made a funny face as the video came to a close.

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She also wore a chic brown blouse that she paired with a patterned silk scarf around her neck.

Numerous people took to the comments to share their awe about the woman's style and appearance.

"Great genetics. Huge for us," one viewer commented.

"Tell your mom I need her skincare routine ASAP!!" another TikTok user added.

"Your mom is hot," one admirer bluntly stated.

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