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A YOUNG WOMAN whose dad created Yankee Candle has revealed what it was like growing up in their £19million mansion.

Taking to TikTok 19-year-old Kylie Kittredge spoke about the estate she grew up in.

The mansion is located in Leverett, Massachusetts, complete with an arcade, indoor water park, and bowling alley.

She took to TikTok to discuss what it was really like living there after seeing a video of her childhood house go viral.

Kylie said: "I'm one of Michael Kittredge daughter's who started Yankee Candle and I'm going to give you a little bit of insight."

The house had its own bowling alley inside but Kylie revealed they would only use it once in a blue moon when friends were over.


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The estate was so big that Kylie and her family used golf carts to get around the property, with Kylie being able to drive them herself at just five years old.

Kylie said that she and her sister would use the golf carts to deliver homemade lemonade to staff through the property.

The estate, known as 113 Juggler Meadow, features about 120,000-square-feet of living space and eight buildings.

Because smartphones weren't a thing at the time the family and house staff also used pagers to communicate with each other throughout the buildings.

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She added: "Christmas was a major holiday, we always had a three-story tall Christmas tree and every year we would have different ornaments for the tree."

The family would also host a huge Christmas party, inviting 350 guests to their home which would consist of dinner, dancing and live music.

Famous bands would play for a crowd of 300+ guests on a stage built into their indoor tennis court.

With her dad being the founder of Yankee Candle Kylie revealed the house always smelt 'so good.'

The indoor pool was often hosting Kylie's birthday parties and featured water slides disguised in fake mountains with palm trees decorating the sides.

She added: "My dad was a huge car collector so every morning when he drove me to school he would ask me which car I wanted to take that morning.

"Usually I opted for something really quite, I was a little bit embarrassed in second and third-grade about this large engine car pulling up to school."

One image shows a young Kylie standing by her dad's Maserati.

"I wish I appreciated it more," she said, "because I miss him and him driving me to school."

Sadly her father died at the age of 67 back in 2019, but Kylie has lots of fond memories of her dad and family in the house she grew up in.

"We had some really fun birthday parties in here," Kylie said of the water park area.

"For my fourth birthday, everyone had to come as their favorite 'Little Mermaid' character," she said, showing viewers photos of her father dressed as King Tritan, Kylie as Ariel, and her mom and sister as mermaids.

Viewers of the video were stunned by the sprawling estate and thanked Kylie for sharing her story.

One wrote: "This is so interesting!!! Thanks for making this."

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Another person commented: "The way you speak about these memories is really sweet. Not boastful, but proud of your home and family. Love it. Thank you for sharing."

A third penned: "Wait I’m crying…I love this!! You seem so sweet and grateful."

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