My husband named our baby when I was at the hospital & it was NOT what we’d picked – I’m now refusing to talk to him

A MUM has been left shocked after finding our her partner had named their baby behind her back, without any consulting.

Taking it to Reddit, the infuriated woman explained that upon finding out the couple was pregnant, her husband's family insisted they named the baby after his late brother.

But having tried for a kid for five years, she became uncomfortable with their ''obsession'' and, together with her partner, came up with a moniker for their tot.

The end of the story? Not quite yet.

Soon after giving birth, the new mum came to realise that the hubby had gone behind her back and had written his brother's name on the birth certificate instead of the one they had picked.

''When I was at the hospital, I had some complications, and so had to extend my stay since I needed to get blood transfusion as well,'' the parent wrote, explaining the husband was responsible for handling the paperwork.

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''However, when we received the birth certificate, I discovered that he had put my brother-in-law's name and not the one we'd picked.

''I lost it and had a breakdown then I shut down completely.

''I stopped talking to him after telling him that I won't speak to him until he changes the name.

''He kept saying 'good riddance' at first but slowly started complaining about how my silence's been wearing him down".

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Since, the husband has begun to beg her to speak to him, claiming he had been left with no choice and his family would've shunned him if he hadn't written the name.

According to the mum, he's even gone as far as suggesting a list of ''pros'' of sticking to the moniker – this, he thought, would make the newborn the ''golden grandchild'' in his grandparents' eyes.


Understandably upset, she was still not convinced and went on to add: ''He's said he'll get endless privileges like a college fund, car, inheritance and will be loved unconditionally cause he has his uncle's name.

''But I don't want my son to be my brother-in-law's surrogate.

''It's sad because my husband has always sought his family's approval but his brother was the favorite,'' the Reddit user wrote.

"He offered me endless nicknames, second middle name choice but I wasn't having it.

''Eventually, he broke down crying last night calling me stubborn and difficult.

''He also called me selfish, accusing me of robbing our son of a good life and good future provided by his grandparents, and said I was driving him crazy with my silence.

''But I feel like this is too serious to let go. I'm just doing it for my son.''

Fellow Redditors were taken aback by the situation, with many expressing their concern about the husband's behaviour.

Some thought he was "prioritising his own need for approval over his son's well-being".

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Someone else commented: "What he did was a huge betrayal, and frankly, he's getting off lightly with the silent treatment.

''Also, his list of 'pros' is crap. If those are things your son would have with your brother-in-law's name, they are things he should still have with the name the two of you chose together".

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