My friends gave their son a unique name and everyone loved it… until he went to school and had a cruel nickname | The Sun

MOST parents will spend months carefully choosing a name for their baby that is unique enough to stand out but not so strange their kid gets bullied.

Usually they'll find a name that fits into both of these categories, but when they miss, they really miss.

One woman shared the unique name that her friends gave their son that lead to a cruel nickname from his classmates.

Sharing on Quora, she explained that her friend got pregnant not long after she did.

"Like many couples, they struggled to come up with a name that was unique, but not too outlandish," she explained.

"They didn’t want their child, once they hit school age, to be lost in a sea of Emma's, Madison's, Sophia's, Jacob's, Jackson's, Ethan's, or Joshua's.

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"And they most certainly didn’t want to choose a name that their child would get teased over."

The parents eventually settled on the name Uriel for their baby boy and everyone loved it.

She continued: "Uriel is one of the archangels. Archangels are the head honcho angels, so Uriel is on the same angelic pay grade as Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.

"So we all agreed Uriel was a pretty cool name, it’s unique but short. It’s also easy to pronounce and spell, and Uriel is one of the boss angels, after all!"

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The friend confessed that one of the reasons they landed on the name was because they couldn't imagine him being bullied because of it – but that's where they were wrong.

Cruel kids starting calling the boy 'urinal' when he started school.

She continued: "This poor kid had to endure remarks like: 'Hey, Urinal! Can I borrow you for a minute? I have to pee!'

"Nor could he take a simple bathroom break with peace and dignity, In the boys bathroom, someone would predictably remark: 'Hey, look! Urinal is using the urinal!'"

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