My date told me a big lie to get me to go out with him – people say my 'Brazilian' revenge was 'petty and savage' | The Sun

A WOMAN has shared the petty revenge she put a man through after finding out he lied to her.

People said her revenge tactic was "petty and savage" but she thanked them for the validation.

The anonymous Redditor u/Stinky_Fish_Tits shared the story in a forum dedicated to petty revenge.

She explained she was pretty open-minded when it came to dating but had two dealbreakers.

"When I was in my early 20s and online dating was just starting, I made a profile and said I was just not going to be into two things: smokers and people with kids," she revealed.

"Just that. You could be anything else and if the chemistry is there, we are all good."

She went on an early morning date that went well but quickly took a turn.

"No sparks but no red flags. The date goes for 2.5 hours (breakfast taking forever) until we are splitting the bill and he tells me he has a kid," she said.

" I ask him if he read my profile to know that I was not interested in that."

His response shocked her: "Yes, I read that but knew that if you just spent some time with me, you’d see how great I am and how you’d be willing to see passed that," he said.

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The woman was furious at the three hours she had lost and decided to exact her revenge by inviting him along to her Brazilian wax appointment.

She convinced him after emphasizing how much she didn't want the date to end.

"It’s not painful (a total lie) and I think it’s attractive on men to be clean there. No pressure but I’m pretty busy the rest of the week and this is my only free day," she said.

Holding hands between a curtain, the woman and her date held hands as they both got waxed.

"He screamed a lot but was a champ and went through with it. I made him pay for his own and never called him again," she said.

"If you are out there, Chris, please don’t lie to women on the first date. It’s a really bad way to start a relationship."

Although she received some backlash for her story, she stood by it.

"Thank you all for the validation that online dating sucks for all genders and you shouldn’t go into it with a lie," she said.

"Two, yeah I am a horrible person, three, it’s not fake but you can think so if you want. When I was in my early 20s, I did a lot of things I would maybe still do now and some I wouldn’t."

People took to the comments to share their thoughts on the revenge.

Many felt it was justified.

"You told me it wouldn't hurt! Yes, but I knew that if you just spent some time on it, you'd be able to see past that," joked one commenter.

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Others praised her for her quick thinking.

"Petty AND SAVAGE. This, for me, is the pinnacle of anything I've seen on this sub," said another.

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