My cheap and easy trick cleans out reusable water bottles – it kills bacteria, a longtime supply costs $6 on Amazon | The Sun

A TEACHER who is always on the go has shared her cheap and easy trick to clean out her collection of reusable water bottles.

The easy trick kills bacteria, and a longtime supply of the product only costs about $6 on Amazon.

Taryn (@trulytarynxx) is a first-year teacher who is striving for balance in her life.

Her job keeps her busy, so she's regularly going through many of her reusable drink containers, which accumulate bacteria after a while.

In a TikTok video, she told viewers about her quick and easy cleaning hack that disinfects the bottles with minimal effort.

She wrote in the video caption that "This is your reminder to disinfect that water bottle you carry around everywhere with you."

For individual water bottles, she fills them up with hot water and placed an Efferdent denture cleanser tablet in each one.

Once it fizzes up, you know that it's working.

A pack of 126 tablets costs only $5.74 on Amazon.

She cleans the tops by placing them in a large bowl and putting a few tablets inside.

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"Is hand washing every night not enough? What do the tabs do?" a viewer inquired.

"Reusable water bottles collect a lot of bacteria. I hand wash them as well, but the tablets help make sure to kill bacteria!" Taryn replied.

"I ran to Amazon to get these!! Thanks for sharing! I had no idea," a fan wrote.

"YES! I work in the hospital and it’s so important!" another chimed in.

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