Mum’s 3 stone weight loss after beating binge eating disorder that saw her scoff 10 cakes a DAY – The Sun

SCOFFING her face with up to ten full size sponge cakes a day – Emilie Blair's weight was spiralling out of control.

The autism helpline advisor, 32, had ballooned to nearly 13 stone after putting on three stone in just six months due to her binge eating disorder.

And she was feeling more and more depressed – with food being the only thing that could give her a pick-me-up.

However, Emilie's reality check finally came when she went for a routine check-up at the doctors – only to be told her staggering weight gain meant she was on the verge of getting diabetes.

Determined to do something about her size, Emilie got in touch with a personal trainer at her local gym – after seeing Facebook advertisements and pictures of other people's transformations.

And after finding the confidence to sign up to some sessions at Phit Fitness she has since shed an impressive three stone.

Speaking about her lowest point, Emilie said: "I was finding that now matter how much I ate, I just wasn't getting full.

"Sometimes I would eat up to ten full size sponge cakes a day at one point, and would still feel hungry afterwards.

"I would just think about food all the time – the more I ate, the better I felt.

"Eventually my parents approached me about it and said they were worried about me, then one night I just broke down and had a huge binge.

"I couldn't stop crying and ended up having five full boxes of chocolates; this was when I decided to take action.

"I had lost all control and couldn’t stop – I wanted to stop binging so bad but it was viscous circle of me getting upset and anxious and the only thing that would make me feel OK was food.

"After the night I ate all that chocolate, it was a huge turning point for me and I knew I needed some professional help.

"I kept seeing adverts for Phit Fitness and it took me three months to build up to courage to message Tom, but I'm so, so glad I did.

"He was so supportive and sat down with me when we met up and talked me through the process and how the calorie counting and nutrition worked."

Emilie has since become a dedicated gym fanatic – and now weighs nine stone.

Her PT Tom Busby, 27, has praised her determination as one of the key catalysts to Emilie's weight loss.

Tom, who has been a trainer for seven years, said: "I see a lot of people with similar types of issues to what Emilie had, but some people are just not ready to change.

Emilie's diet


Breakfast – Cocopops

Lunch – four sandwiches

Dinner – Pizza

Snacks – crisps, chocolate and cakes


Breakfast – eggs, ham and a protein shake

Lunch – tuna, rice cakes, salad and a hard boiled egg

Dinner – chicken or beef with veg and some potatoes and another protein shake

Snacks – fruit with a protein bar

"Whereas Emilie’s mindset and determination was shown from the beginning and has definitely been the catalyst to her achieving her fantastic transformation over the last year.

"At the academy each client along with Emilie is supplied and supported with individually tailored nutrition.

She is a true inspiration to all of our clients at PHIT and her little boy and especially as she does it all on her own as a single mum

"We don’t believe in the perfect diet though it has to suit each client and in Emilie’s case involve the foods that she enjoyed so it didn’t become restrictive otherwise she would end up binging.

"She is a true inspiration to all of our clients at PHIT and her little boy and especially as she does it all on her own as a single mum."

After beating her food addiction through her hard work, Emilie says she now feels better than ever.

She said: "It was through determination I got through it and I massively found that exercise was helping my mental health immensely.

"I had a goal to set on and the PHIT team were monitoring my nutrition through being in regular contact and seeing the progress through regular weigh ins.

"I also was having accupunture from one of the coaches and that was aiding in controlling my mental health and I was starting to feel positive again and that I wanted to beat the addiction."

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