Mum who got her son to touch-up blonde highlights in lockdown rages when she ends up looking like Narnia’s 'White Witch'

NOW that the salons are closed again, we're faced with two choices: either put up with horrendous roots from weeks (maybe even MONTHS) or turn to an untrained family member for help.

Well if you're leaning towards the latter option, then let this woman's epic home dye horror story be a warning to you.

In lockdown last year, Australian TikTok user Liam – who boasts over 124k followers on the platform – shared a hilarious video of him touching up in his mum's highlights.

While most hairdressers will treat a few strands at a time, the lad shoves chunks of his mum's fair into tin foil and generously slathered it in bleach.

After struggling to get the foil "stick", Liam takes a drastically different approach – and wraps his mum's entire HEAD in tin foil before adding some extra cling film over the top too.

"The instructions said we need to leave it for an hour," he said. "I think it's gonna look great, people won't even notice that I did it."

Unsurprisingly, the simple root touch up didn't turn out quite how the woman hoped – and once the allocated hour had passed, her hair had been stripped of all colour.

Unable to hide his horror, Liam said: "You look like the White Witch from Narnia. Oh no."

Later that evening, she said to Liam: "I told you to make sure to not put a lot on the top."

"I tried," he replied. "And I failed. I love you!"

In the comments, Liam's followers said he could salvage the situation by applying some toner.

"Bro you messed up," one wrote. "Get some purple shampoo."


"Put some toner in and it'll be perfect," a third said.

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