Mum warns parents to check babies’ fingers & toes or they could lose them after realising why tot wouldn't stop crying

A MUM has stressed how important it is to check your baby's fingers and toes, after working out why her tot wouldn't stop crying all night.

Issuing a warning to fellow parents, the mum realised that a hair had got caught around her baby's toe, causing it to swell and turn bright red.

Sharing her discovery on TikTok, she urged other parents to always check their babies' fingers and toes or else they could lose them if a wrapped hair goes unnoticed.

In a video that has now been watched over 2.6million times, the mum explained that their child had been up all night crying and she had no idea why.

"We couldn't find the reason for the crying all night, we tried everything," she insisted, before showing a close up of her little one's sore-looking toe.

It was swollen and bright red, with the mum explaining: "Next day, we found a few hairs wrapped around two toes."

"Make it a habit to check your babies' fingers and toes," she stressed, before sharing an update in the caption of her post in a bid to raise awareness.

The mum revealed her tot's toes were now doing much better, as she shared: "Thank god we noticed when we did! Toes are doing better!"

Hundreds commented on the video, with many revealing the same had happened to them with their children.

"This is why my mum would cut her hair short before she gave birth to my brother and I," commented one person.

Another said: "Literally my biggest fear. I'm gonna obsessively check for hairs."

A third wrote: "It happened to me! I have a scar on my toe still… almost fell off."

One shocked viewer wrote: "Hairs cause this? JESUS CHRIST."

Others advised always checking the baby's genitalia and their socks too, with one person adding: "Always check the inside of baby socks as well, lots of string and hairs collect in them in the washer."

Hair getting wrapped around a toe, finger or genitalia is known as a hair tourniquet and if it goes unnoticed, it can lead to injury or the baby losing the affected body part, according to Healthline.

It could also lead to complications like ischemia – a condition where blood flow is restricted in a part of the body.

What is a hair tourniquet and what are the symptoms?

What is a hair tourniquet?

Hair tourniquets are where a strand of hair gets caught around a baby's fingers, toes or genitalia and if unnoticed, they can lead to serious complications.

As well as causing the affected area to swell, a caught hair could lead to injury, ischemia – restricted blood flow, and in some cases loss of the affected body part.

What are the symptoms of hair tourniquets?

Healthline lists a number of factors to look out for that could be a sign of a hair tourniquet, including:

  • excessive crying
  • red or discoloured finger, toe, genitalia, umbilical stump, or tongue
  • mild to severe swelling of the affected body party
  • an indentation or groove on the affected body party, even if no hair is visible


If your baby has a hair stuck, it's important to seek medical advice in order to remove the hair – once done, the affected area tends to heal quite quickly.

Hair tourniquets can be removed using tweezers – although, sometimes this can be difficult if the area is too swollen or the hair isn't easily visible.

The easiest way to get rid of the hair is to use a hair removal cream, if the skin around the affected area isn't broken.

To prevent hair getting caught, keep long hair tied back when around your tot and regularly check their toes and fingers.

It's important to check over any clothing with loose threads too, as a string or thread can get caught in the same way.

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