Mum stunned after 10-year-old daughter asks to be PAID to pass her exams – and she’s totally divided opinion

A MUM was left stunned after her 10-year-old daughter asked her to pay her £50 for every SATs subject she passed.

"Paying your kids for every passed subject in their SATs, in year 6, is that actually a thing??" Iris Dogg wrote on the Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas group on Facebook.

"I have never heard of this until my girl asked me if I would ever do that! £50 for each subject."

She added that while she told her daughter "hell no", she's considering other ways of celebrating the end of SATs week, "no matter the outcome".

"What has everyone done who has gone through SATs already??" she concluded.

People quickly responded to the post, with one writing: "No absolutely not!! they are under enough pressure without money! It's so cruel!

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"Our mantra is 'all we ask is you do your best.' And we celebrate every bit of the marks they get in praise and a little treat."

"Never for us," another added. "My daughter struggles academically.

"Despite working extremely hard and putting in 100% she never gets the grades to reflect this so to put a monetary reward or any reward, on it would really make her feel as though she is not any good and should've done more.

"Makes a mockery of the whole thing for me as well as, once again, making things all about consumerism and what we can buy."

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But someone else commented: "We’re doing it for GCSE results just as gentle encouragement for her to revise (which to be fair she does anyway without us asking)

"I haven’t heard of it being done for SATS – but all personal choice isn’t it?"

And another agreed, writing: "I did the same and it worked, took him straight to the bank on the day of his results and transferred the money.

"My parents did the same with me."

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