Mum shares gross picture showing how your washing machine is actually dirtier than your clothes

THEY ARE a household essential for getting our clothes sparkling clean.

But one woman has revealed how washing machines can actually be dirtier than the mucky items you fling inside.

Posting in Facebook group 'Mums Who Clean', the Australian social media user shared a shocking photo to demonstrate her discovery.

After putting on an empty cycle with a washing machine cleaner, she wanted to see if the product actually worked.

Using a hose, the woman managed to transfer water outside the machine into a bucket to examine it, and discovered to her horror that it was filthy.

She explained: "I have a front loader and was sceptical so I caught the water to take a look.

"Oh my God the bottom half of the bucket was like chunky dirty custard."

While the Pine O Cleen Washing Machine Cleaner she used to get rid of built-up grime and bacteria is only available in Australia, fellow members in the group pointed they had also got effective results from Dettol and Dr Beckmann.

One person commented: " To keep your washing machine fresh and clean, I totally recommend [Dr Beckmann].

"This even helps remove fabric softener build up."

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After using Dettol, another revealed: "It's amazing. My clothes actually smell a lot better now after cleaning the machine with this stuff.

"I can smell the difference with the clothes… smelling a lot more fresher with the washing powder and fabric softener."

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To keep your machine fresh, you need to pour the product into the drum of your machine and run one complete washing cycle at 40 degrees without any laundry or detergent.

It is recommended you go through this process every two months.

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