Mum scares son into immediately cleaning his room with clever 'mouse dropping' trick & all you need is some rice

EVER wished your child would clean their room without complaint?

A mum has shared her genius way of tricking her teenage son into tidying up immediately – and all you need is some rice.

She wrote on Facebook: “I just want to thank whoever posted about the mouse and brown rice. I owe you big time.

“I’m having my home repainted this week and I was sick of being mortified of my 18 yo son’s room.

“I am awful but I texted him and told him the painter just swore he saw a mouse and there’s droppings.

“He comes home and was so upset and grossed out that he cleaned his room for four hours.

“Oh and his sister is still cleaning her room because she doesn’t want it to come in her room next.”

The woman shared a photo of “mouse droppings” in her son’s room, which she had made out of brown rice.

The clever trick has clearly impressed other parents, as it has racked up thousands of likes.

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