Mum reveals VERY relatable parenting hacks – including skipping book pages & stealing pocket money for the tooth fairy

A MUM has revealed her very relatable parenting hacks, which include stealing pocket money for the tooth fairy.

Tamara Weatherbee entertained her followers by sharing her top tips for keeping sane raising kids. 

The US-based mum captioned her video “Confessions of a mom” and said her first tip is to tell her kids the swings are broken when they go to the park. 

She explained: “We came here to get your energy out, not mine.”

The second tip related to the dreaded bedtime, and she said: “Sometimes when I read my kids bedtimes stories I grab three pages instead of one.

“They can’t read and big mama’s tired.”

Her next genius hack related to her love of fizzy drinks, with the mum saying: “Sometimes I pour Dr Pepper in a cup and tell my kids it’s water.

“I am responsible for their health. And mine too but that ship has sailed.”

Her last tip in the video was about what to do if you have no cash available for the tooth fairy.

Tamara said: “Sometimes when my daughter loses a tooth and there is no cash in the house I take a dollar from her piggy bank.

“I made her so it kind of all evens out in the end.”

Tamara added in the caption: “Tell me I’m not the only one.”

And it turns out she isn’t the only one as hundreds of people have liked the video, with one writing: “This right here.”

Another added: “I totally do these! Especially the reading grabbing 3 pages.”

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