Mum hailed a ‘genius’ for making ‘board game pouches’ to save space and tidy up her kids’ games

A MUM has been hailed a ‘genius’ for coming up with an extremely tidy system for storing her family’s messy board game collection. 

The woman revealed she organises the games in neat ziplock pouches that can easily fit into a smaller box. 

Taking to the Facebook group Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas, she shared a photo of her impressive ordered games. 

She wrote: “Board game pouches! These are from the container store and Amazon.”

And people were highly impressed with her idea, calling it “genius” and “awesome.”

One mum took to the comments saying: “I've seen posts like this before and bought these immediately. Can't wait to use them.”

And another added: “What the what?! Yes!”

Previously, mum-of-four Brittney said she also swears by the easy tactic in her own home. 

She wrote on her blog Homegrown Traditions: "We love to play games as a family. They’re well-used, well-loved and most of the boxes have gotten ripped and damaged over time. I taped the edges and corners, only to have them rip again.

"I finally decided it was time for a better solution. When I saw Hello Happy Home post about organizing games into bags, I knew I had found the solution to my game organization problems."

To start, Brittney said to chuck any games that are broken or have missing pieces as decluttering will help keep things in order.

In regards to the bags themselves, the organised mum suggested picking up a couple of different sizes to ensure the contents of each game are snug so pieces don't move around in bags that are too big.

Next, Brittney says to pull the game contents out of the box and find the bag that fits them best.

If there are cards or small pieces as well a bigger game board, use one of the smallest zipper pouches and put them inside your larger bag.

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