Mum claims to use 99p toothpaste to get permanent marker scribbles off her white doors in seconds

NO matter how clean and tidy you like to keep your living space, sometimes kids just like to use your spotless home as their blank creative canvas.

Well the next time your child leaves a permanent marker piece of art on your walls, you can forget all about scrambling around for a pot of paint – toothpaste could be the answer.

Raving about its secret cleaning properties on the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It, one mum claims: "After having three kids, I can't actually believe I never knew that white toothpaste gets rid of sharpie PERMANENT marker off your doors and walls!!"

Posting impressive before and after photos of one of her children's pieces of artwork, the mum added: "Where the hell have I been? I had literally tried every cleaning product going!"

Unlike other cleaning products where you have to continuously scrub away (and risk removing a layer of paint in the process), the mum says she only had to wait a matter of seconds before the blue scribbles started to fade.

But how does this unlikely household cleaning product work exactly?

It could be that whitening toothpaste has been specially design to tackle stains on your teeth which means it is gentle enough to remove permanent marker without damaging your walls.

And it's not the only dental product that may have secret cleaning powers – mums have also been going mad over £1.50  denture whitening tablets which can been used to clean everything from bathroom tiles to leather sofas.

Better still, the Oral B Extra White toothpaste the mum used to remove the permanent marker cost just 99p from Home Bargains.

  • Oral B Complete Toothpaste Extra White, £1.50 for 75ml from Boots – buy now

Unsurprisingly, other members of the group were delighted with the apparent results.

One wrote: "Oh my, I'm so glad I've seen this – I need to try it."

Another added: "Guess I better get a trip to Home Bargains for a whitening toothpaste."

Singing the praises of this unlikely cleaning hack, a third replied: "Whitening toothpaste is great for cleaning trainers as well."


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