Mrs Hinch fans share cheap trick to get rid of marker pens from your kids' school jumpers in no time | The Sun

NOW THAT most kids are back in school parents have the dreaded task of cleaning mucky school unifrom.

If you're wondering how your little ones manage to make such a mess – you're not alone.

One mum was in dismay when her son got home with permanent marker all over his brand new school jumper.

After just two hours at school her son managed had seemingly ruined a perfectly good piece of uniform.

She posted a snap of the jumper in the Facebook group Mrs Hinch made me do it: "two hours at school, whiteboard marker, any tried and tested ideas to remove!??"

The mum added: "Even the teachers have apologised that they can’t buy washable [markers] because they are too expensive!

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"I just wondered if anyone had actually found anything that worked for them?"

It turns out she wasn't the only parent who struggled with removing marker stains from uniform, one quipped: "This always happens with my kids and can never get it out."

After soaking in alcohol, scrubbing with washing-up liquid and washing as normal, the stains were still there.

One cleaning whizz recommended using hairspray or hand sanitiser to get rid of the annoying stains.

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"Cover in hair spray, rub with a baby wipes and repeat," one said.

The keen cleaners seemed to agree that using hairspray or hand sanitiser was the mum's best bet.

"Hand sanitizer then stain remover," a second wrote.

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