Model leaves people utterly stunned as she plays with her kid on a yacht but seems to have forgotten her bikini bottoms | The Sun

A MODEL has left people speechless after a video of her playing on a yacht with her son went viral.  

Lyuchana, who also self-styles as a singer, has thousands of people talking about her outfit choice for a day on a yacht.

Sharing a video on TikTok of her on a yacht in Dubai, the mum had people convinced she was naked from the waist down. 

Viewers joked that they “must be drunk” or “going blind” watching Lyuchana’s video.

But it turns out the Russian mum isn’t naked in the clip.

Her bikini bottoms were just creating an optical illusion because they’re such a close match to her skin colour. 

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“My jaw dropped for a second,” one viewer commented when she realised the truth of the video. 

“I was so confused,” another penned. 

Lyuchana paired the nude bikini bottoms with a black bandeau top, aiding the confusion that she was in the buff from the waist down. 

“It took me so long to realise she isn’t naked,” one viewer commented.

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“The black top really threw me off.”

“The bikini bottoms just blend a lot better than the top,” another joked. 

The video has totted up over two million views and attracted over 30k shocked comments.

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