McDonald's fans are realising they've been using the paper ketchup pots wrong – there's a trick to get WAY more sauce | The Sun

WHETHER you're a BBQ person or Ketchup – we all love dunking our McDonald's fries into some sort of sauce.

But it turns out you've been doing it wrong for years.

Taking to Youtube, Francesca Sandiford revealed there's a hidden trick to dipping your chips when eating in the fast food restaurant.

And the savvy hack doesn't just make dunking easier, it also means you get way more sauce.

In the video, she showed the paper pot that you dispense your chosen sauce into when eating inside McDonald's.

She captioned the post: "How to use McDonald's sauce posts you will be shocked!!!"


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Francesca then begins to pull on the paper edges at the top of the pot and within seconds, it opens up into a flat circle.

Usually, when you use the pot without it being opened up, it leaves you with lots of sauce at the bottom that you just can't get to.

But the clever yet simple trick means you can actually reach the sauce sitting at the bottom of the pot.

It also makes dunking larger foods, like chicken nuggets, easier as Francesca demonstrates in the video.

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And the pots aren't just used at McDonald's, American burger chain Five Guys use them too – so you can take the hack anywhere.

Recently, one woman questioned why the chicken nugget boxes in McDonald's have holes in them.

Taking to TikTok the woman joked it was a little too late to put 'air holes' in the box.

But viewers of the video revealed there was a very good reason for the holes.

"It's so the steam doesn't stay in and give you soggy nuggs," one wrote.

"So that air can flow thru keeping them from getting soft," another added.

"Lets the steam get out so they don’t go soggy," a third reasoned.

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