Man fears 'hazardous material' is hidden under 'leaning' house – then gets shock when he realises what’s really going on

LIKE many buyers, David Olson and his wife got a professional to inspect their dream home before they finally went ahead and purchased it two years ago.

Other than the fact that the stairs at the front were "leaning into the house", the inspection didn't raise any red flags – so the couple finalised the paperwork for the Michigan house.

Earlier this year, the dad-of-three finally got round to demolishing the front stairs when he noticed that something wasn't quite right about the foundation of the building.

Speaking to Fox News, David said he started panicking when he discovered random discarded balls underneath the family home,

At first, he genuinely believe the house had been built on "some sort of dumping ground" containing "hazardous material".

But as he smashed the cement into smithereens, David discovered that they were actually BOWLING balls – and the person who had built the house presumably used them to cut back on costs.

Since then, David has gone on to discover 160 balls hiding under the patio too and he's been documenting his progress on the Facebook group The Bowling Ball Guy.

In between the bowling balls, the old owner has poured sand over them to create the (somewhat) sturdy foundation.

There was a guy that needed to fill a void. The balls were cheaper than dirt. So, he kind of went with that route.

After a bit of detective work, David found out that the balls had been made by Brunswick Bowling Products in the 1950s and the previous owner – who passed away in 2016 – owned a machinery shop.

The dad said: "My assumption is that he had some contact at Brunswick during the late fifties and was building the house and needed to fill in a bunch of voids basically."

From speaking to people who previously worked at Brunswick Bowling products, David learned that they had an unlocked dumpster where workers could re-use old scraps.

He continued: "I’m thinking that’s kind of how it all ended up. There was a guy that needed to fill a void. The balls were cheaper than dirt. So, he kind of went with that route."

In the past day, David has even discovered old lightbulbs underneath his patio tiles too.

So far, the dad has donated eight bowling balls but is planning to keep the rest and create some sort of garden display out of them.

What's more, his group has now gained more than 3,600 members who are all desperate to see what else the dad digs up next.

He added: "I had no idea it was gonna go this far!"

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