Male model showcases bizarre facial transformation after training his jaw

A MALE model has showed off his dramatic jaw transformation after years of "training" in a bid to get the perfect chiseled look.

But some fans on TikTok reckon he's taken it too far and say he now resembles a cartoon character.

Luca Marchesi from Milan calls himself the "CEO of Jawline" in his TikTok bio, and with one look at his videos, it's not hard to see why.

Although his jaw is evidently more shaped than two months ago, the Italian model has been"training" his face for some time, gradually changing the shape of his jaw.

But viewers were shocked this time around when the model revealed his almost triangle-shaped jawline which was bulging on the sides of his face.

The clip showing off the bizarre transformation has racked up more than 1.9 million views. 

In the clip, Luca can be seen biting down on a plastic-looking device which is what he uses to strengthen his facial muscles.

"DO U THINK IS TOO MUCH?" he captioned the clip, and many people agreed that it was.

Some likened his new look to Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks, while others compared him to a Dorito and a bike seat.

"Alvin and the Chipmunks been REAL quiet since you dropped this one," one person commented.

While another joked: "Alvin come get yo brother."

Others joked the bottom half of his face now looks like an upside-down triangle. 

"Gonna turn into a triangle soon if. you don't [calm] down," one person wrote.

Many wondered what he looked like before so Luca shared a series of snaps showing off his before and after look.

Some footage dates back to 2016 when he looked almost unrecognisable, while others were from just two months ago where his jaw was slightly smaller.

Despite his model looks, Luca insisted he wasn't always a heartthrob as he revealed younger photos of himself where he appeared scrawnier.

Following the criticism of he new, chiseled jaw, Luca revealed in another clip that he was going to delete his TikTok, according to LADbible.

Speaking in the clip, he said: "I wanted to make a short announcement. I intend to close this TikTok account.

"I'm sorry for everyone who follows me, but by now out of five comments I get, four are insults or criticisms."

He continued: "We had fun together, but it doesn't make sense to continue." 

In November last year the Italian stud opened up about his body transformation in an interview with the Italian website Webboh, FEMAIL reports.

There, he revealed he weighed 230 pounds when he was 18 years old, saying "it was not a good time."

He revealed he'd just broken up with a girlfriend which made him feel that "she no longer liked me physically and that I had grown too big".

He reportedly started looking into modelling agencies just months later, but struggled because of his size and "round face".

"I remember that I shot at at least five or six, and they all rejected me because I was too big and had a face that was too round," he explained. 

One casting director apparently told him to come back after he lost 65 pounds, prompting him to completely overhaul his physique. 

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