Lad shares ‘hack’ for getting old, dirty trainers sparkling white again leaving people stunned

WHITE trainers can be a complete headache to clean and the longer you leave them, the dirtier they get and the harder to clean. 

It’s a task we all hate, but thankfully, there are lots of quick and easy hacks to help us save time scrubbing off stubborn stains.  

One savvy TikTok user ‘howpluggedareyou’ believes he’s cracked the code for getting white trainers looking fresh again – and it’s so simple. 

Posting on TikTok, painter Xavier shares his DIY hack for “when you need new white forces but you’re on a budget”.

Forget cleaning products or scrubbing at stains, this spray-paint hack instantly masks the dirty trainers, covering any stains and making them look brand new.

The hack transforms your old white trainers into a brand-new pair in seconds and can save you forking out £100 on a new pair.

But is it clever or stupid? 

Clearly the hack has impressed numerous people as it has racked up over 1.7M likes.

The video has 12.4k comments and a whopping 58k shares.

But the hack has divided TikTokers, with some branding it ‘genius’ whilst others are not so sure. 

One user commented: “You just saved yourself 150 bucks.” 

Another added: “That, sir, is damn genius.”

A third wrote: “The best DIY I ever seen.” 

However, many were quick to point out that throwing them in the washing machine might be an easier option.

One user replied: “A washing machine should make it easier.” 

Another commented: “They’ll last an hour, the paint will just crack and fall off.”

The savvy TikToker showed off the final product, with his trainers looking as good as new.

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