Jet-setting life of Lewis Hamilton’s model pal Florence Mueller with luxury yachts, swish LA pads & racy swimwear shoots

WITH her glossy brown hair, beautiful brown eyes and a figure that defies logic, Florence Mueller could turn anyone’s head.

Now it seems the American model has caught the eye of Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton, after the pair were seen enjoying a break on a luxury yacht in Corsica.

They were also seen leaving the yacht to board a helicopter and fly to Italy, where the British racer was due to compete in the Italian Grand Prix.

The holiday, on board Philip Green’s superyacht, may be the ultimate in luxury but the stunning bikini model, 25, is used to the finer things in life.

Her numerous TikTok videos – watched by her 129k followers – show her partying with friends on another yacht as well as dancing around in her swanky Miami flat.

She also boasts 63k followers on her private Instagram account.

As the rumours swirl about her relationship with the F1 legend, here’s what we know about Florence Mueller’s glam life.

Bikini model with hourglass figure

Florence’s apparent obsession with dancing around in very skimpy bikinis is not as random as it seems.

In fact, she’s one of the main models for swimwear firm Boutinela – known as the Boutinela Babes – and showing off her incredible figure in next to nothing is her day job.

Standing at 5ft 9in with a 25in waist, hips of 28in and 34C boobs, it’s not hard to see how she landed that contract either.

Best pals Kelsey Gil and Chelsea Tresidder are also models for the brand and can both be seen with Florence in her videos, filmed in the studios where the swimwear shoots take place.

But her work also takes her to Los Angeles, where she posed for pictures on a balcony carpeted with fake grass.

Luckily for Lewis, Florence has a racy side – frequently posting raunchy dances to explicit lyrics, including Megan Thee Stallion’s Sex Talk.

Penthouse apartment in Miami and designer bags

Lockdown has meant many of Florence’s recent posts are filmed in her stylish apartment in Miami.

The clean, white lines of the living space open out on to an amazing balcony overlooking the city and a swimming pool with the sea visible beyond.

The flat also boasts a mezzanine floor, and an open plan kitchen and living room separated by an island.

In one video, Florence is seen posing in the kitchen and imitating Kim Kardashian West before claiming: “I’m a really good cook. I love to cook” – then triumphantly pulling toast from the toaster.

In her bedroom, designer shoes and bags can occasionally be glimpsed – with an overstuffed Louis Vuitton tote bag, worn £1,090, behind her in one shot.

Workouts for 'extra bum'

The model’s nature-defying figure, and impressively toned bottom, require a little upkeep and she works out regularly.

In one video, shot in her gym, she mocks girls who adopt contrived poses on Instagram to look slimmer and more toned.

She says: “To look like you have six pack in every picture, put one foot forward and…then go out the door and get to the gym, you fat sh**.”

She has also treated fans to her special buttock exercises, using a resistance band high on her thigh and lifting each leg behind her, advising followers to “pause at the top to get extra bum.”

The workout, carried out on her balcony, also includes low squats, still using the resistance band.

Despite her slim figure, she has a healthy appetite, joking that when people say, “You’s so skinny. Where does all that food go?” she shows them her bottom.

She also likes to party – sharing one clip on a yacht in Miami bay, with a group of girlfriends glugging champagne straight from a bottle.

And she recently shared another snap of herself sitting on the back of a large yacht with a drink in her hand.

Pals close to Lewis Hamilton have revealed the pair get on famouslyas "friends" but claim there is not a romantic relationship at the moment.

But others have commented on Florence’s similarities to the driver’s ex, Nicole Scherzinger, who he dated for seven years before their split in 2015.

Only time will tell if Florence is the perfect match for the Formula 1 legend – but for now this racy lady is bound to keep him revving his engine.

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