I’ve told my brother he has to cover his X-rated tattoo for my wedding – now he says he won’t come

A WOMAN explained that she asked her brother to cover up his x-rated tattoo at her wedding but he didn't appreciate the request so said he wouldn't attend.

The upset woman told how her brother drunkenly got an inking of a vagina on his chest when at university.

She explained that she didn't want the graphic design to feature in her wedding photos but he wasn't impressed by the suggestion.

Taking to Reddit, the woman said: "When he was in college, my brother drunkenly got a vagina tattooed on his chest.

"As it’s a beach wedding, the groomsmen will be wearing slightly open button-down shirts and so the tattoo will be visible.

"I asked if he’d be willing to cover for my wedding and he got immediately offended saying it’s his body, his choice.

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"He’s now refusing to attend the wedding if he has to cover it.

"I get it’s his body but I really don’t want my guests to have to stare at a vagina during my wedding and I don’t want to look back at my wedding photos and see a vagina.

"While my family is used to it, my fiancé's family would probably be taken aback if not offended by it. He called me a bridezilla and unreasonable."

She added: "My brother and have have always been super close so this I why his reaction really confused me.

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"I could never imagine getting married without him there and it surprises me he’d be willing to miss my wedding over this.

"We offered for all the groomsmen to completely button their shirts or wear undershirts as a compromise but he said that now that he knows either of those solutions would just be to cover his tattoo, we’re censoring his expression of freedom."


Fellow Reddit users were quick to jump in with their thoughts on the unique dilemma.

One person said: "I generally think brides and grooms should allow their loved ones to come as they are with regards to things like mobility aids, piercings, hair colours, and tattoos, but some types of tattoos are simply inappropriate for a wedding, like graphic depictions of genitalia."

Another said: "I could literally have a wedding on the vegas strip with dancers and strippers and I still wouldn't want someone's tat of genitals or really rude words in my wedding photos."

A third said: "I would kinda say those kind of tattoos are inappropriate for life.

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"Like, even in an actual sex store I would find it inappropriate if I saw someone publicly brandishing one.

"The kind of people who would get these kind of tattoos and proudly display them are generally the kind of people you are better off staying far away from."

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