I’ve picked a chavvy name for my daughter – it was a total accident but now I think it’s horrible

A MUM-TO-BE worried the name she had picked for her daughter would be ''really chavvy''.

Taking it to the popular forum, Mumsnet, a pregnant woman sought help from fellow members after thinking her baby's moniker had a ''chavvy'' cultural reference.

The anonymous mum-to-be wrote that she was to be induced the same night of the post, which was shared at 6am in the morning.

But with only a few hours left, she still hadn't the child's name in mind – as the one they had picked initially, Lauren, was no longer an option.

''We had pretty much decided on the name Lauren until a couple of days ago when I found out it was the name of that horrible Catherine Tate character.

''Now I'm worried that it's a really chavvy name and I'm the only person who didn't know.''

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Lauren Cooper is one of the main fictional characters in the award-nominated BBC comedy series, The Catherine Tate Show, which debuted in 2004.

Portrayed by Catherine Tate, who also wrote the sketch comedy alongside Derren Litten, Lauren Cooper is a 15-year-old schoolgirl known for her surly attitude and the iconic phrase "Am I bovvered?''

In parts of England, ''chav'' is a pejorative term used to describe anti-social youth dressed in sports attire and usually carries a negative association.

The stereotype also describes ''chavs'' and ''chavettes'' as often violent, loud and wearing head to toe designer sportswear.

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But although the mum-to-be was worried about the ''chavvy'' moniker, fellow members of the group disagreed, with many saying the name was ''lovely''.

''Don't worry about characters names – there will always be some character with your child's name.


''If you change your mind and choose something else, there may be a new TV/book character, or criminal with the name you choose next year,'' as one put it, describing it as ''pretty and sophisticated''.

Whilst a second reader suggested ''Laurel'' as an alternative, someone else claimed: ''I knew that characters name is Lauren but I would never have thought of the character if I heard a baby named Lauren!''

''I know a little girl called Lauren, she gets called Lolly too,'' another fan of the name jumped in the discussion.

''I think it's a really lovely name. Go for it!''

But there was also a user who shared the same opinion as the mum-to-be, confessing: ''I'm afraid i do think Lauren is chavvy – and it was before the Catherine Tate character.

''it's a bit of a rough estate name – probably why Catherine Tate chose it.

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''Catherine Tate wanted to portray a certain type of character so why do you think she called her Lauren? Because it fitted…''

Controversial, this commented ignited a discussion, with someone calling the author behind the comment a ''snob'' and a ''fool''.

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