I’ve got stretch marks, squishy boobs, and a peek-a-boo belly – I still ‘put on the freaking swimsuit’ and enjoy life | The Sun

A CURVY woman has embraced her body, including herstretch marks, squishy breasts, and protruding belly.

She told viewers to "put on the freaking swimsuit" and enjoy their lives.

Streetstyle lover Tori (@torii.block) is a plus-size woman who showcases chic looks for her "fellow babes with bellies," according to her TikTok bio.

She shared a transparent message aimed at women who feel insecure about certain parts of their bodies.

Tori confidently wore a purple bikini that accentuated her shape.

The brunette beauty said: "I've got stretchmarks here, a little peek-a-boo belly, cellulite, squishy boobs, and wings that will take you to Canada."

Throughout the video, she pointed at different areas of her figure as she named them.

"You do not want to leave this world without enjoying your life. Put on the freaking swimsuit," she said as the video came to a close.

"LOOK AT YOU, MISS PUT IT ON!" she also added in the video caption.

Many women appreciated her body positive statement.

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"You are amazing!!! You motivate us to love ourselves just the way we are, how it should be!" a viewer praised.

"Thank you for representing some of us," another added.

"This makes me feel a lot of things. Thank you," a fan chimed in.

"Omg, I love you!!!!! Someone who looks like me who is relatable!!!" a TikTok user voiced.

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