I’ve been dress-coded at work 4 times – I’m told my outfits are ‘too short’ or ‘too tight’, I can’t win | The Sun

A WOMAN had gotten dress-coded at work four times and is fed up.

Lana Diane, a vlogger, shared her friend Sam's experience at work with over 2k TikTok followers.

"The exact outfits and comments Sam has been 'dress coded' at work for… but should I still sign this? #harassment,"Lana wrote.

The two friends roleplayed what went down at work, with Sam getting the same treatment from her coworkers for four different outfits.

"Hey Sam, I know that you're in the middle of a sale right now, but your dress is just a little bit too short," Lana said.

"This one? Alright, be right back," Sam replied, walking out of the room in a red dress.

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Sam returns the "next morning" in white jeans and a long sleeve yellow blouse.

"Um hey Sam, do you have a tank top or anything because your stomach is showing," Lana said.

Sam looked down at her fully covered stomach area in confusion.

"I'll be right back," she said.

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Next, the two transitioned into another shot of Sam in a regular white long-sleeve top and black slacks as she worked, laptop in hand and phone at her ear.

"Um excuse me Sam," Lana interrupted once again.

"Do you have a cardigan or something because your shirt's a little too tight."

Sam explodes at the harassment.

"Dude I used to wear this to high school band concerts, how is this one inappropriate?" she asked.

Last but not least, Sam sported a loose, oversized grey turtleneck but yet again, was interrupted at work as she instructed a coworker on documents to sign.

"Um Sam, your sweater just looks too comfortable, you don't look very professional today," Lana joked.

"Dude, should I just put in next week's?" Sam scoffed.

Viewers took to the comments to share their thoughts.

"Request the written dress code," suggested one commenter.

"I didn't see one outfit that was unacceptable, smh at whoever thought they were," said another.

"There are some people who really think being young and cute is breaking the dress code," said a third.

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