I’m SO beautiful that strangers lavish me with expensive gifts and bosses use me as eye candy

 A BEAUTY queen says she’s not afraid to admit she’s “beautiful” – and uses her good looks to bag pricey presents and free drinks.

Charlie Lister, 33, from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, claims she was a “plain Jane” at school but now attracts compliments from men wherever she goes.

She told Fabulous: “I never buy myself a drink. Whenever I go out with my friends men are always offering to buy me things… it’s mad. 

“I know it’s because I look so good and why shouldn’t I take advantage of it?”

Admiring strangers send her gifts via her Amazon wish list – which she used to have published on her Twitter page.

“Hair tongs, some makeup sets… I can only assume it is because of how I look,” she said.

Charlie is adamant there’s nothing on her page to encourage men to splash the cash for no reason. “I certainly don’t post nudies, just normal pictures of me and my family,” she said.

“I don’t have an OnlyFans page, my other half would never allow it. He’d kill me. I was sent these presents because I am very pretty.”

Charlie also recalled a recent occasion at a charity boxing event where she wore “a little black dress and high heels” to sell tickets.

“Only when I got there the organisers took one look at me, got me in the ring and I made announcements,” she laughed. 

“But I don’t mind things like that – it was for a hospice and it definitely helped sell raffle tickets.”

On another occasion she was asked to cover herself in gunge for charity… “every male’s fantasy,” she laughed.

Charlie, who is mum to Evie, nine, with her ex-husband, is now keen to reclaim the use of the word ‘beautiful’ for women.

I know I am beautiful but I also want people to know I have brains.

She said: “There is nothing wrong with women saying:  ‘I am beautiful’. Why should they be ashamed? Looks are as valuable as anything else.”

She spoke as US doctor Medina Culver launched her Instagram page where she told her 27,000 followers how she was “pretty and a badass doctor”.

But Dr Culver revealed she’d been trolled for saying she knew she was good-looking.

Like Dr Culver, beauty queen Charlie – who competed in Miss British Empire York and Sheffield and the UK finals of the same competition –  has also been accused of arrogance. 

But she doesn’t care.  She said: “I like my sparkly eyes and long legs.

“I was a plain Jane at school with jam-jar glasses and didn’t get any compliments but when I turned 18 I grew into myself and became much more attractive. 

“But I wasn’t allowed to say that, women aren’t. We’re supposed to be modest. 

“I wasn’t allowed to say what I like about myself.”

After giving birth to Evie in December 2010 she “lost herself” to motherhood, suffering postnatal depression, but after two years started entering pageants. 

She said: “I spoke to a friend who did them and she said it had really helped her confidence.

“I wondered if it could make me feel better about myself and getting glammed up did.

“That’s when it really started changing for me. To enter pageants you have to be attractive. You have to be beautiful. 

“But people do react negatively to you – even some mates have been a bit off. 

“I got a lot of sly little comments from people saying ‘oh you must think you’re very attractive.’

“It’s not just men, it is women too.”

And being featured in her local paper for her charity ventures, including sleeping outside to raise awareness of homelessness, the situation for Charlie worsened.

“I was horrifically trolled,” she admitted. “People said I was a dog and said I thought I was beautiful.”

Charlie, who has been with boyfriend, company director Keith Collis, 53, for two years, revealed how her looks had had a varying impact at work.

Having been made redundant at the beginning of the pandemic, she is now studying online to be a teaching assistant.

But in a previous job – not the one she was made redundant from – bosses took advantage of her appearance.

“It probably helped me at work too,” she explained. “It was made very clear I would go out on networking events and swap business cards with people.

“I was told I was to go meet people and get leads because ‘I was pretty’. It was even more important when it was men. It bugged me but also I did get commission from it.”

She said once it went a “bit far” when one man wanted a romantic relationship – so she blocked him on LinkedIn. 

“Now I want to prove I am more than just my looks,” she said.

“I think I want to be a teaching assistant. I know I am beautiful but I also want people to know I have brains.

“So many people think beautiful girls are dumb.

“And it’s true I didn’t get many qualifications at school… but don’t underestimate me, I’m not stupid.

“I’m sick of pretending not to realise I’m attractive. Sod it – if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

“But I wasn’t allowed to say that, women aren’t. We’re supposed to be modest. 

“I wasn’t allowed to say what I like about myself.”

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