I’m slim and tried the Skims bodysuit – it was so tight, I worried I’d have to call the fire department to be cut out | The Sun

NO ONE should ever have to be rescued from an item of clothing, but it was a "close call" for one woman.

In an amused post to her platform, she joked that an appeal to emergency services was on the cards.

A bodysuit by Skims was the culprit behind Michelle's (@michelle.sparling) clothing woes.

It isn't a novel problem. Miniscule pieces by the shapewear brand have become notorious on social media.

Michelle's post was one of many by other content producers who have shared their own Skims experience.

When she first pulled her toddler-size body suit from its packaging, Michelle – who is very slim – could hardly believe it: ” I laughed so much when I opened it," she said.

And there were many among her followers who emphasized, with over 23,000 liking her post.

In her post, she held up the black bodysuit and it was teeny weeny.

“This is even funnier in person," she said, "but I finally got the Skims bodysuit. Let’s see how it fits.”

When Michelle appeared wearing the little black number, it was obvious the fit wasn't great.

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She had managed to get it over her head and down to her waist, but that was where it ended.

As for doing it up down below, forget it. “The waist is snatched but, I’m not sure how this is supposed to fit," she said.

Maybe the fit was the least of her problems because she wondered to her viewers how on earth was she supposed to get out of it.

"I don’t know how I’m going to get this off," she said.

But maybe there was a solution: “Call the fire department," she joked. "I have to be cut out.”

There was lots of recognition from many of the comments to her post but a few suggested she just had to try harder.

“Girl you just gotta pull," said one, while another said: “Put it on like overalls.”

Michelle had tried this, but that was also a problem: "It wouldn’t go past my knees this way," she said.

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The tiny sizes amused many. “I had this in ballet when I was three," was an observation typical of several more.

Finally, several fans pointed out you get what you paid for: “It’s shapewear thought it’s supposed to look like that.”

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