I’m sleeping with my boyfriend’s dad – sex with him is so much better than with my vanilla fella, I can’t stop myself

CHLOE Madeley is ready to fire off more no-holds-barred sex advice this week – and she has answers for two people with VERY different problems.

One is having too much sex and the other worries they won’t be able to have enough…

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Q. When I met my boyfriend he was my dream guy. Tall, dark, handsome, with a good job and, best of all, ready to settle down.

I’d been a bit of a wild child when I was younger and bounced from man to man, so my friends couldn’t believe it when we got serious so soon.

Within six months we were engaged and living together, saving for our wedding a blissfully happy.

But, to be honest, I was bored.

My bloke is lovely, but our relationship isn’t exciting. Sex is very vanilla and he’d rather watch a boxset than go to a club.

So when his silver fox dad started giving me the eye, I thought there’d be no harm in flirting.

But at a BBQ this summer one remark led to another and we ended up having sex while my partner slept. I feel guilty but I can’t stop myself, I don’t know what to do.

A. We all have sexual impulses and compulsions that we have to keep a lid on when we’re in a monogamous relationship. That’s part of being in a grown-up, loving, respectful relationship – you have to keep your s**t together. It’s non-negotiable. 

People slip up, it happens all the time, but being realistic and forgiving around monogamy is really the only way it’s ever going to work. That’s why I was so clear with James that I expected complete exclusivity early on – I don’t do casual dating and he needed to know.

Sometimes people slip up in the beginning, sometimes when you’re in the thick of it – but continuing on a sexual relationship with a family member of a man you claim to love goes deeper than being hurt about you having a sexual experience with another man. It’s totally unacceptable.

Call it a day with the father of the boyfriend, you cannot have both. You have to decide, it’s one or the other. You cannot have your cake and eat it too because you’re actually going to do a lot of damage if you continue. You’ll be lucky if you get out of this unscathed.

People slip up, it happens all the time

Q. I’m an 80-year-old man and I’ve been corresponding with a woman for the last 15 years. She was 19 when we first got in touch, 34 now.

She lives in Ghana, but we are deeply in love and she’s planning to come to the UK to be with me as soon as she’s able to. I’m going to propose and we’ll eventually get married.

She’s already said she wants us to have a baby and much as I’m love us to start a family it’s worrying me.

I’m fine with kissing and cuddling, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to perform as she’ll need in the bedroom. I have tried a few things to make sure everything works as it should, but they are hardly romantic.

I want to make sure she’s satisfied, can you give me some advice?

A. The first thing to do is address this in a practical way – you need to make sure this woman is real and you’re not being catfished or scammed.

It’s a sad state of affairs but sometimes people do pretend to be someone they’re not online to scam money off older generations.

Make sure this lady check out before you go any further, ask her some questions about her family and home life.

Think back to the sort of things you’ve discussed, has she given much away or has it always been focused on you? If she’s ever asked for money that’s a big red flag.

Have you spoken to her or video called? If not, you need to get that in place too. It’s easy to pretend things if your only contact is by emails or letters.

But when it comes to pleasing your partner, age pays no part

Then on to the rest of your question – you won’t be the first man to be interested in a woman half your age, and often women are attracted to older, powerful (rich) men too.

I don’t know how easy it’ll be to conceive because men’s sperm becomes more problematic with age, but it has been done.

Brace yourself for what’s in store, speak to your doctor about fertility tests before you embark.

But when it comes to pleasing your partner, age pays no part.

You still have your mouth and hands, and thanks to Viagra you can still have an erection.

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