I’m plus-size and love wearing men’s jeans – just follow my '21' rule to find the right size | The Sun

DOUBLE your wardrobe options by using a fashion influencer's favorite hack to find the right jeans for you.

If you're looking for a comfortable fit, venture outside the women's aisle – just make sure you have the expert's handy trick memorized.

According to fashion influencer Victoria, aka ThePaintedHarlot, the key to finding the perfect relaxed-fit jean is shopping in the men's section.

When she needed a pair of comfortable jeans to try a DIY distressing hack, she knew exactly how to find the right men's size.

"They're pretty long. I have them cuffed up a little," she said, modeling the jeans. "I didn't take any of the length off because I didn't have to."

Commenters were eager to know how Victoria found the correct men's size, and she was eager to share her knowledge.

In a follow-up video, Victoria revealed the hack takes seconds and some very basic math.

"I get this question a ton, a ton, a ton," the savvy style expert said.

"Whatever your size is in women's, just add the number 21 to it, and that is your size in men's," she revealed.

Depending on the specific pair of pants you're buying, you may need to look for the closest available pants sizes.

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"You might have to size up one or size down one depending on the size and fit of the pant," Victoria said.

For example, if you're a size 10 in women's jeans, using Victoria's math trick will result in the number 31.

If you want a tighter fit, try men's jeans in a size 30. For a more relaxed, loose fit, buy them in a 32.

In the comments, grateful viewers thanked her for the guidance, and a few asked for more advice.

"So, I get a 40 since there's no 39?" asked one woman, who wears a size 18 in women's pants.

"I would give that a try!" Victoria wrote back. "Depending on the fit/style, you might have to try a 38."

A fan said she distressed a pair of men's jeans, and thanks to Victoria's hack, she was able to find her size on the firs try.

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"The 21 [trick] worked wonders," she wrote. "I went up one and they fit perfectly."

"Thank you," said another relieved commenter. "I was totally lost about what size to get."

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