I'm in a relationship with my wife, my ex wife, and my ex's wife, people say we’re disgusting but it works for us

THERE is nothing like a blended family. Getting along with an ex partner when you have kids can be great for everyone.

However, this family has taken it to the next level. 

Appearing on “You, me and my ex” on TLC, Jennifer and Josh Rappahahn were married for five years but then ended up getting a divorce and Jennifer realised she was attracted to women.  

Jennifer later married wife Chantel. Josh and Jennifer also share a son Jace, 11, while Josh and current wife Danielle are parents to daughter Mikaela, five.

Jennifer Vazquez asked ex-husband Josh Rappahahn to be a sperm donor, and her wife Chantel Vazquez gave birth to daughter Camila in April.

When Jennifer and Chantel Vazquez wanted to expand their family, they asked Josh to be their sperm donor and Chantel soon became pregnant. 


The entire family, from Florida now share their relationship to their 39.5k TikTok followers. 

Speaking to another publication, Jennifer said: “Chantel and I are head over heels in love with our new baby girl!

"Nothing in the world would ever be enough to thank Josh and Danielle for helping give us this little life that we will cherish every day and for completing our family.

"When we found out we were having a girl, Mikaela said her name was Michelle. Naturally, that's how her middle name came to be.

"Camila has settled in perfectly into our blended family and we are super excited to start our new adventure!"

Danielle added: "Josh and I could not hold back our emotions meeting Camila for the first time.

Josh and I could not hold back our emotions meeting Camila for the first time

"After an incredibly stressful hospitalisation for Chantel, Jennifer, and Camila, we were overcome with relief knowing that everyone was healthy and we could all finally be reunited.

"Camila has fit so perfectly into our blended family,"

The family often share videos on social media in their home.

And some people are in horror of their relationship, with one writing: “This gives me the ick.”

And another wrote: “This made me uncomfy.”

However, others say they should be proud of themselves. 

One wrote: “This is how it should be.”

Another said: “My fav kinda fam (SIC).”

A third expressed: “I love this!! Currently hanging with my ex husband and my fiance right now.”

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