I’m an interior designer and there are three trends I’d NEVER have in my own home | The Sun

WHEN it comes to decorating your home it can be hard to know where to begin.

Interior trends can come in and out of style so fast that by the time your new kitchen has been installed it's already outdated.

But according to interior designer Anthony Immediato there are just three thing that you should know to never add to your home.

He took to TikTik to reveal the trends that don't make the cut for his own home.

Matching sets

Although it might be easy to buy your bedframe, wardrobe, chest of drawers and bedside tables from the same shop, your bedroom isn't going to look chic if you do.

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The pro explained: "The first thing I've mentioned before and I'll keep mentioning, it's matching bedroom sets.

"I don't think they necessarily look bad, they're a good plan-b but I think it's better when you find mixed and matched pieces that are personalised and unique."

Flags as decor

Ditch the decorative flags, they might be fun if you're a child but have no place in a stylish home.

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"I don't think flags belong on the wall in your home," Anthony explained.

It doesn't matter if it's the flag or your country, one you visited 10 years ago or somewhere you've never been, they're all big no-no's.

The pro reckons that the flags make your home look like a university dorm room, which isn't what anyone should be going for.

Painted furniture

If your a fan of upcycling old furniture it's bad news.

Painted old furniture is not a trend Anthony can get behind.

"Lastly and maybe most importantly is painted furniture but mostly painted vintage quality wood furniture.

"Why are you painting this beautiful, probably once walnut credenza from a mid-century time frame…why are you painting it teal?

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"Don't paint it teal," he quipped.

However not everyone agreed, one said: "Can't agree with you about painted furniture, sometimes the pieces are too damaged and there's a thing a s too much wood."

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