I’m an appliance pro – the setting you should never use on your washing machine as it could cost you hundreds

FEW household chores are as time- and labor-intensive as laundry, so it's tempting to do anything you can to get through the hassle ASAP.

But one appliance expert warns that a specific setting on your washing machine can spell doom, to the tune of hundreds in repair or replacement costs.

Luke Gammons, director of UK appliance store Wades, runs the store's TikTok account, where 24.5k followers view his appliance use and maintenance tips.

In a recent video, Gammons explained the one setting on your washer that does much more harm than good.

"Stop using your washing machine on the fast setting," Gammons said at the start of the video.

He went on to explain that while the high-speed wash cycle might seem more efficient, there are a number of items that could be damaged – or cause damage – if washed at high speeds.


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"I don't recommend using that for every part of washing," Gammons explained.

Heavy textiles, like towels, are an especially risky choice for the speed cycle.

When you start a "fast" wash cycle, water enters the drum where your towels are.

True to their purpose, the towels soak the water up right away, and begin spinning rapidly within the drum.

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But during a super-short speed cycle, there's not long enough time for the drum to separate the towels.

As a result, the towels turn into a hard, heavy projectile within your washing machine, banging against the inside of the drum.

That makes for a noisy, unpleasant cycle, with lots of shaking and thumping.

But it could also damage the machine itself, particularly the drum, which can cost up to $550 to repair, according to Fixr.

A damaged drum can result in water leaks and incomplete cycles. If your drum can't be repaired, you'll be stuck with the cost of replacing your entire washing machine.

That's why it's better to skip the fast cycle entirely, Gammons said, but he suggested an alternative for drying in a hurry.

"Put it onto one of the cotton settings, and press the 'shorter wash,'" he advised. The setting may have different names on different machines.

And when you need to wash clothes quickly, keep loads smaller, which will help the items get clean faster and keep your machine from sustaining damage.

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