I’m an Amazon super fan – my 10 must-buy items to organize your small kitchen for as little as $17 | The Sun

MAKING the most of a small kitchen is all about savvy storage.

Amazon has a secret treasure trove of kitchen organization products, and the best items on the website sell for as little as $17.

The experts at Food & Wine shared the great buys, which are part of Amazon's special storage-focused storefront.

According to the experts, the bins, baskets, and containers are ideal if you're facing "a lack of drawer space, super tall cabinets, or little to no countertop storage."

First on the shopping list is a set of three glass storage jars. The chalkboard labels will make it easy to keep your pantry neat and tidy, while the airtight lids will keep food fresh longer. Plus, a wide mouth makes decanting into each container effortless.

"Fill it with everything from baking essentials like flour and sugar to taller pasta noodles like fettuccine," Food & Wine suggested. Buy a set of the jars from Amazon for $26.


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If you like the clasp style of the lids, but the glass jars are a dealbreaker for you, Amazon has a four-piece set of stainless steel containers that may fit your needs.

Each set includes a variety of shapes and sizes, which makes these containers perfect for kitchen organization and taking snacks on the go. $28 will snag you the smallest four-pack, but larger sizes are available if you like the look.

Are you looking for a more ornamental addition to your kitchen – but one that still helps you keep things neat?

To prepare for houseguests or give family dinners a little flair, add Amazon's acrylic napkin holder to your shopping cart.

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The $20 clear basket isn't just for entertaining. You can keep paper or cloth napkins in it, or take the experts' suggestion and use it to keep cleaning rags or wipes handy.

Another stylish choice is a hanging macrame basket, which will keep your kitchen tidy while adding some retro energy to the space.

"It features a chic knotted design that can hold all of your tomatoes, bananas, and lemons to keep them off of your countertops," the experts explained. The three-tier design can be yours for $17.

If traditional macrame is too grandma-chic for you, try this spin on the look, which incorporates a funky floating shelf.

The unique combo is $39 and has a basket perfect for fruit, garlic, or herbs, and a shelf that can act as a sauce station or a home for potted plants.

Floating shelves are one of the kitchen experts' favorite accents. Deck your small kitchen out with a set of three shelves for only $20.

"They have a metal-wire rack and wooden base, which is sturdy enough to hold your oils, vinegars, and heavier pantry goods," the experts explained.

Round out your neatly-organized kitchen by adding some sleek, simple storage containers to the countertop.

If you prefer clear canisters, pick up a set of five canisters in varying sizes, with bamboo lids, that look modern and clean.

For $35, you can organize every pasta shape in the house or make your baking staples more readily available.

Or give in to nostalgia and buy a set of two glass cookie jars for $20. Everything you bake will taste better when it's stored in easy-to-clean containers.

Or, go with opaque countertop containers that will match your minimalist decor.

Available in six colors, these "farmhouse style" canisters are metal, but look like ceramic.

For only $33, you can get a set of three rustic containers to perfectly match your kitchen decor.

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Or choose a set of short, ceramic containers, in a set of all-white exteriors or a multipack of muted rust, grey, and green.

The kitchen experts love the wide, sturdy bases and stackable design, and the $31 price point is appealing, too.

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