I'm a vet – five dog breeds I don't recommend, the first is 'big, powerful and reactive,' number four is 'grumpy' too | The Sun

AN animal lover has revealed the dog breeds that she would avoid owning after her years spent working in a vet. 

Cat (@cat_the_vet) urged her 325,000 followers on TikTok to listen to her reasons for not wanting the canines before attacking her in the comments.

She divided opinions after venting about the different personalities that she has encountered and the breeds that require the most attention.

She said: “I’m a vet and these are five dog breeds I would not personally own.

“As always with videos like this there’s going to be loads of you out there who own these breeds and love these dogs. 

“That’s absolutely fine just hear me out okay?

“Number one is the German Shepherd, absolutely beautiful dogs and bred to be a guarding breed but they aren’t bred to guard.

“They are bred to be suspicious and anxious which makes them really reactive dogs.

“If they have a bad experience they never forget it. 

“They are beautiful but they’re big and powerful.”

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Cat added that she wouldn’t want to own a German Shepherd because they are too “challenging.”

She continued: “Next up is any of the flat-face breeds. 

“Again, absolutely fabulous little dogs but they do not deserve to suffer as much as they do.

“I absolutely just could never contribute to that suffering by deliberately owning one.

“Number three is the working Border Collie, I see quite a lot of these in practice which are bought from farms and kept as pets.

“Huge numbers of them have mental health problems because these are dogs that need a job.

“And I just do not have time in my life to put enough into them to make sure that they’re living their best lives with me.”

The vet admitted she wasn’t keen on the next dog breed because of its personality despite claiming to understand it.

She said: “Number four is a Shar Pei, just generally a breed that doesn’t appeal to me personally.

“But also lots of health problems and behavioral issues, which often relate to because of their health they are in pain and discomfort.

“That makes them grumpy.

“At number five is a St. Bernard dog or really any large breed dog because quite honestly I just can’t cope with the slobber.

“I had a client once tell me that she had slobber on her ceilings.

“I am 5ft 2 inches, I would need a stepladder to reach it and quite frankly there is more than enough in my house to clean without me having to worry about the ceilings as well.”

Commenters were quick to defend their dogs after it was mentioned on the list.

One person wrote: “I have a Border Collie and we live in a farmhouse, she does not work anymore but she never had any issues.”

Another said: “I have had two Shar Pei, both amazing! My boy Alfie is 13 years old, the biggest teddy ever, and better behaved than every dog I’ve met.”

A third chimed in: “German Shepherd owner and my boy is great with everyone and other animals, has never shown aggression, and is laid back.”

However, other pet owners argued they understand Cat’s perspective and have similar lists of dogs to avoid.

One person said: “I love German Shepherds but they require lots of work and training, so I’m not getting one until I can afford to do that time-wise and financially.”

Another added: “I have a Shar Pei, I adore him and he is the cutest dog with me and strangers.

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“He is getting old and having a lot of health issues… I am heartbroken of how much pain he is going through and how much it is costing me.”

A third wrote: “Spot on about the German Shepherds and I own one. Great in the house but constantly guarding and on edge on walks.”

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