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IN A BID to turn the tables, a traveller has shared some of the things about country folk that she finds strange. 

Taking to her social media account, Charlotte Ann said: “What travellers and gypsies find strange about what country people do.” 

Dressed in a white crop top with a pair of blue shorts and some gold bracelets around one wrist, she went on to state she’s doing a “little switcheroo”. 

“We’ve done that way, now we’re flipping it back on you,” she continued. 

“Disclaimer: don’t be offended. This is just what we see, so correct me in the comments if I’m wrong.” 

She then went down the list of what she thinks is quite odd, with the first one being “why do you evict your family like Big Brother as soon as they hit 18”. 

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Referencing her own culture, she explained that people don’t leave home until they get married. 

“There’s no stigma about being at home at a certain age because that’s what you dos. Boys can leave home, but girls stays,” she said. “But yous are like, ‘Oh I’m 23 and I live at home…’

“I don’t understand it because I’m 29 and I’m here happily, living my best life.

“And I’m not going to be leaving if I don’t get married.” 

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She went on to reiterate that she simply doesn’t understand why “the child has to leave”. 

Charlotte Ann then added that if she’s said it wrong then people should correct her. 

The second thing she’s confused about is why people pay for things. 

She said: “See like if I go with any one of my family members, I know that I don’t have to spend anything. 

“Now I’m not a scrub or anything like that. I’m a very independent person. But see like if I go with my mammy or my uncle or anyone, I’m not paying for anything.”

The brunette beauty explained that she wouldn’t pay for her food or anything and instead her family would cover her. 

“And they won’t allow you to pay for yourself because they will get highly upset,” she added. 

“But you let your children pay for things. Now, I pay for things in regards to things I want like my sunbed, me jewellery, me clothes, things like that. But if I go shopping with my mum for the day, I’m not paying for anything. 

“But you do. You’ll say, ‘yeah, you buy your dinner and I’ll buy mine’. That wouldn’t happen, my family is going to feed me.” 

Explaining that this was she sees from the outside, Charlotte Ann said she finds it “very strange”. 

The third she doesn’t quite understand is when some people let their dog’s drink out of their own bowls in the kitchen while they also walk around in the same space.

She said this would “never happen in the gypsy and travelling community”. 

TikTok user @charlotteann00 insisted that she’s “very good” to her dog, but she’d never allow her furry friend to drink out of her own utilities or be allowed in the kitchen. 

“Because she’s an animal, she don’t have the same hygiene standards as me,” she said. 

Ending her video, she asked that people don’t be offended again before instructing people to correct her if she’s wrong. 

And people did flock to the comments to share their thoughts on her assessment as one person wrote: “Also 100% could not agree more about the pets in kitchen or even worse on beds!!!” 

Another person said: “I moved out a few times but ultimately I didn’t properly move out until I was 30/31”. 

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A third shared: “I guess some families are different, however I never made my children move out, my 3 girls chose to, think they wanted their independence”. 

While a fourth added: “I agree, I was suddenly given the cold shoulder a 18, i was good, paid rent… now ive  two at home 25&27, id never do the same,” followed by a red heart emoji. 

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