I'm a travel expert and here's how you can get your money back on non-refundable plane tickets

A travel expert says he knows the trick to get you your money back on your plane tickets, even when they’re none refundable. 

There’s a bit of a catch to it, though, and fellow TikTokers are a bit weary of how universal his hack truly is. 

In his video, TikToker Sam Jarman staged a conversation with a Delta agent, who he played, and showed how to use federal law to help him get a full refund after his connecting flight schedule was changed.

“If the airline had a significant schedule change and/or significant delay, I’m entitled to a full refund,” he said in the video as he proved the agent – who tried telling him there was no way to get his refund – wrong. 

According to The New York Times, “airlines are obliged to provide a full refund to customers if a flight is significantly delayed and the passenger chooses not to travel.” 

However, it’s up to each airline to define a “significantly delayed” flight, making Sam’s hack a bit tricky. 

Fellow TikTokers called Sam out for that reason. 

“I work for delta buddy and sorry it does not work like that,” an alleged Delta employee wrote. 

“There’s a lot more to it,” another person replied. “This is pretty sleazy that he’s trying to pass this off.”

A third airline worker wrote, “I work for JetBlue and this is just not accurate. Depends on what the delay is for and how long.”

However, other users were hopeful that this new knowledge would be put to use in the future. 

Sam’s travel hack comes amid mass flight cancellations from various airlines due to circumstances like bad weather and a staff shortage – the latter being something all sorts of businesses are experiencing during the pandemic. 

In October, Southwest airlines cancelled 2,000 flights due to the above-mentioned issues along with “air traffic control issues,” per The Hill. American Airlines canceled more than 2,400 flights in the US at the start of November.

“With all the airlines changing flights right now, this could come in handy,” Sam wrote on his video.

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