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GROWING up, we begged our parents to stay up past our bedtime.

But you may be surprised to find out when a child's bedtime should be.

According to a chart shared by a teacher at Wilson Elementary School, children should go to bed by a certain time… and it all depends on when they woke up.

Covering ages five to 12, the chart shows that children aged five should go to bed from 6.45pm to 8.15pm depending on their wake-up time.

Meanwhile, kids aged 11 and 12 should be asleep anytime from 8.15pm to 9.45pm.

If your five-year-old gets up at 6.30am, they'll be ready to go to sleep at 7.15pm.

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But if they were up at the slightly later 7am, they'll be ready to nod off at 7.30 in the evening.

While an eight-year-old who gets up at 6.45 in the morning will be ready to go to sleep at 8.15pm, the same aged child who woke later, at 7.30 am, won't be ready for bed until 9pm.

First grade teacher Stacy Karlsen told Fox6Now: "It's taken this school by storm – and more so, because barely 200 kids attend here and this chart suggesting what time your child should go to bed has been shared on Facebook more than 300,000 times.



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"Initially I just said to my principal 'you have to be kidding me.' To me, it was a shock. I didn't make it up. I found it coming across my personal page and I thought 'wow, this is super helpful."

Principal Yolanda Jackson-Lewis added: "We can tell who's well-rested and ready for their day and those who maybe didn't get enough sleep the night before!"

Sleep.org has outlined the recommended amount of sleep for each age group, from babies to teens.

These are:

  • New-borns (up to three months): 14 to 17 hours
  • Infants (four to 11 months): 12 to 15 hours
  • Toddlers (one to two): 11 to 14 hours
  • Pre-schoolers (three to five): 10 to 13 hours
  • School-age (six to 13): 9 to 11 hours
  • Tweens and Teens (14 to 17): 8 to 10 hours

The NHS has also suggested approximate hours needed by children, as recommended by the Millpond Children's Sleep Clinic.

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They suggest that a daytime nap of 0-45 minutes for a three-year-old with this being ruled out for any child of four.

A four-year-old should have 11 hours and 30 minutes, gradually decreasing to nine hours for a teen of 16.

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